About the Event

Ziel is a  peculiar opportunity to put your managerial skills, especially in the never ending and ever growing field of human resource management, into test. All we promise is a perfectly twisted full filled learning experience, innovative rounds, thought provoking clues, igniting creative minds for a better tomorrow & lot more. 

We have 3 rounds to gauge your skills:

1. Pictionary:

Pictures speak more than a thousand words. Let your perception of the picture help you begin your sail across this stream of Ziel.

2. HR disruption: 

How good are you at solving and creating real world HR cases and scenarios ? This is a platform for you to showcase your core HR competencies. 

3. Decision making:

Prepare for intense grilling under extreme pressure. This will test your ability to think with a gun to your head.

Rules & Regulations

  • The team should strictly adhere to the time.

  • No electronic gadgets are allowed, Judges Decision will be final.

Important Dates

Registration Deadline  -    15 January 2019.
Preliminary Round        -     18 January 2019.
Event Start Date            -  02 February 2019.
Event End Date               -  03 February 2019.

Prize Rewards

Winner                                    -             Rs. 15,000

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