About the Event

As Chrysalis dawns, the Era of Disruption is upon us!!!

In this edition of Chrysalis, stand your ground and stake your claim to become the ultimate investor. In spite of the disruptions around you, think through and navigate the maze of asset classes to become the victor.

Organized by Finesse, FINZEST is the litmus test to stretch your prowess to the limits.

FINZEST is the quintessential lucrative opportunity for fin-enthusiasts and is neither devoid of pitfalls nor fun.You’ll need more than just your fin-sense to win this one.
And more importantly, conditions may or may not apply!!

Rules & Regulations

  • For the purposes of this event, a team should constitute of at least 2 and not more than 3 members. A participant cannot be part of more than one team for this event.
    No change in team structure will be entertained after registration of the team.

  • Members of a team should be from the same institute. Teams can be a mix of both first and second year students. Any number of teams can participate from an institute.

  • The quiz questions will be sent in a password protected PDF and the answers should be submitted in a google form. Both the PDF and the google form link will be mailed to each team on their registered email ids.

  • Only one submission per team will be allowed. Multiple answer submissions will lead
    to disqualification.

  • Password for the quiz would be available only on our official Facebook page –“” only at 9:59 PM.

  • Rules for the subsequent rounds will be mailed only to the shortlisted candidates.

Important Dates

Registration Deadline  -    06 January 2019.
Preliminary Round        -     07 January 2019.
Event Start Date            -  02 February 2019.
Event End Date               -  03 February 2019.

Prize Rewards

Winner                                   -           Rs. 20,000
First Runner Up                    -           Rs. 10,000
Second Runner Up               -              Rs. 5,000

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