Rules & Regulations

  • Only a group of two members can participate.

  • The Participants are requested to adhere to the timings allowed. Penalty will be applicable for running over time.

  • The results from the judges are final and binding.

  • Students are expected to carry their ID cards on the day of event and are expected be to in the respective rooms one hour before the event which will be communicated through phone calls and emails.

Important Dates

Registration Deadline  -    26 January 2019.
Preliminary Round        -  02 February 2019.
Event Start Date            -  02 February 2019.
Event End Date               -  03 February 2019.

Prize Rewards

Winner                                   -           Rs. 15,000
Runner                                   -           Rs. 10,000

About the Event

To all the assertive, articulate and opinionated orators, BMI Club of LIBA brings to you the Débaniaque, a debate amongst the best of speakers from B-schools across the country. It is a one-day event. 

A unique format of intercollegiate debate which has in offer a breadth of knowledge about current events, domestic policy, and foreign affairs; embraces a range of argumentative forms, including both technical and more traditional styles of argument; and, rewards extemporaneous delivery, i.e., “thinking on your feet.”

Pull up your sleeves, sharpen your ripostes and jostle for cash prizes worth Rs. 25,000.

Game Structure

The Debate consists of two rounds at LIBA campus, Chennai on 2nd February, 2019. Details and rules of each round are as follows:

Preliminary Round

• A team should consist of 2 members, no more and no less.
• One member of the team talks for the topic and the second member talks against the topic.
• The topics will be given on the spot and a preparation time of 10 minutes will be given after the team chooses their topic by picking lots.
• Each teams will be given a minute each to present their views for and against the topic.

Final Round

• Shortlisted teams will be called for the Final round where teams will battle it out in batches of two on two debate format.
• Lot system will be used to decide the topic as well as the motion of arguments for each team. Topics will be given 1 hour prior to the beginning of the round.
• One member from each team has to present the opening statement for their respective motions of the topic for a duration of 4 minutes.
• The second member has to present the closing statement in a duration of 3 minutes.
• The teams will then face the judges for a Q&A session and based on their answers, they would be evaluated for the end results. 

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