About the Event

As the vivacious dancers set the floor on fire with their energetic performances, the fun filled extravaganza will serve as a deliberate feast to your thrilled eyes.
The spectators would witness enthusiasm and energy of the young dancers as they will enthral everyone with their performances.

Are the heart beats going up? Well performances would keep you at the edge of your seats locked and your pulse racing.

Important Dates

Registration Deadline     -     17 January 2019.
Preliminary Round           -     19 January 2019.
Event End Date                  -   03 February 2019.

Prize Rewards

Winner                                   -           Rs. 60,000.

Rules & Regulations

  • Maximum of two teams from a college.

  • There is no maximum number of participants. However, due to limitation of stage space (Which will be communicated) we suggest to accommodate your team members in accordance to the same in your performances.

  • Minimum number of participants per team on stage at any time should be 5.

  • Minimum number of members in a team - 6.

  • The teams would be asked to send a video link of their best performance, as we may shortlist if the expected registrations are more than accommodatable.

  • Teams should report at the time specified by the event coordinators. Details regarding reporting time will be communicated by the Coordinators.

  • Teams should carry a bonafide certificate from their respective colleges signed by a competent authority. This is to ensure that they are current students of the college.

  • ID cards of team members should also be presented.

  • Time limit - 12 min (7 min performance + 5 min stage setup) (inclusive of stage setup time)

  • CDs or Pen drives with the music track to be played should be submitted to the event coordinators 30 minutes before the start of the event and should contain the team name, name of the college and contact number.

  • Fire, sand, water, glass and other props which may cause damage to the stage or any person are prohibited. Stage sets are not allowed.

  • The order of the performances will be according to the slots and WILL NOT BE CHANGED for any reason. Failing to adhere will lead to disqualification.

  • This is a non-themed dance competition. However, bonus points are awarded for how creative your performances are. We urge participants to get creative with their performances.

  • Inappropriate costumes or unruly behavior on and off stage will lead to disqualification

  • Judges' decision will be final. Teams will be judged based on the choreography, co-ordination, costumes and of course based on the how high the temperature rises!!

  • Participants are requested to take care of their belongings. Team Chrysalis will not be held responsible for loss of valuables.

  • Teams which do not report at a specific time will stand disqualified

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