Rules & Regulations

  • This is an individual event.

  • Candidates should be pursuing Post Graduation in Management Program.

  • Please ensure to carry your college ID card for verification purposes.

  • The shortlisted candidates from the online selection process will be invited for the on-campus rounds.

  • Candidates who do not adhere to the rules and regulations can be disqualified at any phase of the event.

  • All rounds except the preliminary rounds will be conducted on campus. 

  • In case of any dispute, the decision of judges will be final and binding.

  • Shortlisted candidates are expected to bring their laptop and dongle.

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About the Event

The students of Loyola Institute of Business Administration, Chennai are proud to present to you the most coveted event of Chrysalis ’18, Cynefin. The flagship event of Chrysalis is here once again to find the best business talent of the country. Cynefin, the jewel on the necklace of events that Chrysalis is made of, is a compilation of brain racking challenges that a manager is most likely to face in the corporate world. It is an event which tests your ability to balance emotion with reasoning and make decisions that will solve problems and enable you to take advantage of opportunities. Like every year, your competition will be the brightest prospects in the country who will test your grit in this grueling contest. The only question is, are you ready?

Important Dates

Registration Deadline  -    09 January 2019.
Preliminary Round        -     11 January 2019.
Event Start Date            -  02 February 2019.
Event End Date               -  03 February 2019.

Prize Rewards

Winner                                   -           Rs. 25,000
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